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Activities in Kastelorizo

Our visitors choose Kastellorizo as a unique place for relaxing, as it is recommended for village walking (with visit to churches, museum, the Lycian tomb, the Castle of the Knjghts etc.), central hill walks (with visits to St. George monastery, the Acropolis at paleokastro, Avlonia area and other trails.), island wide walks such as Ag. Stefanos, Navlakas bay, Zephyros Cape). Of course as it's sourrounded by the Lycian sea it is vital to dive in, swim, snorkel and enjoy the beauty of the famous turtles Caretta Caretta, visit our unique Blue Cave by boat and the smaller islands of Kastellorizo ( St. George, Ro isl., Strongili isl.) All the activities above is possible to have them from April to October and even before or after this period, as Kastellorizo's climate is really mild one.

We would be happy to offer our customers besides the accommodation, the following activities as a basic package: A. Escorted village walking, B. Central hills walk, C. Visit to the Blue Cave, by boat. D. Swimming and Snorkeling from a private boat, E. Four types of massage that they could choose from: Swedish, Deep tissue, Lymphatic and therapeutic.

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