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Kastellorizo, even if it's a small island, has the ability to hold the visitor's interest quite high. It has many natural beauties and attractions that deserve your attention.


By sea must visit the famous blue cave, or in common say the hole of PARASTA, with incredible hues of blue and for the lucky visitors, the protected seal species  Monachus-Monachus.  In the same boat you could continue your tour by sea circumnavigation of the island with a visit to the island of Kyra Ro, where is the tomb of the legendary woman-symbol.

For the nearest excursions with small boats on the island, you could go for a swim at nearby islands such as St. George and small private beaches of "Plakes",made of one could say, large pebbles and stones that time has smoothed them from the elements of nature and resembles marble construct. The plunge in these beautiful waters will reward you richly.


Over land is possible to actually walk ancient trails in  Kastellorizo's  mountains and see that this place was inhabited by the Greeks in ancient times. They were producing in this limited land, oil and wine. These same trails will lead you and in later structures such as the monasteries in many  Kastellorizo's peaks . The ancient Acropolis with the Minoan walls and Greek Orthodox churches, the church of St. Panteleimon and St. George the ftochoulaki below the monastery of St. John and St. George, beyond the intangible area with ancient wine presses are parties you will visit, as you walk from west to the east. The views could be admired from up there, are definitely unique..

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